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Traditional Static Posters
Our clients who use the traditional method of bill-posting can make use of highly visible advertising hoardings, situated in the most strategic positions with regard to the customers they aim to attract. Rigamonti ADV Design will undertake to contact the agency which manages the advertising space and will be responsible for all the operations related to creating and mounting the posters.

The maxi-format poster, because of its larger size, is more effective at attracting the attention of passers-by. Maxi-format posters can be used on a variety of buildings: for example, they can be displayed on scaffolding erected during the restoration of historic buildings or monuments, from where they assume a dominating position above the city.

Rigamonti ADV Design can take care of every aspect of this form of advertising, ranging from the graphic design to the technical and administrative practicalities involved in mounting the posters.