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Rigamonti ADV Design - Produzione Spot TV e Radio
Production of TV and Radio Commercials
To obtain the best results from an advertising campaign, the medium of television is certainly the top choice. Our agency can guarantee the production of very high quality TV commercials, with maximum attention to every step of the process.

Rigamonti ADV Design can oversee all the various stages: from the preliminary concept devised by a team of professionals, through to the production phase during which the initial ideas are transformed into action, characters and dialogue to achieve a lively and convincing commercial. Our company can manage the whole production process, thanks to the support of our expert collaborators, each of them at the top of his profession and able to achieve a very high standard of work.
Our agency is also equipped to produce excellent results in another publicity medium with a similar impact to television: the radio.

Radio is a flexible and influential medium, attracting a large audience. It affords the opportunity to reach a significant number of potential customers, and therefore can be considered as an ideal method of advertising. However, the message and the jingle have to be carefully chosen, as do the actors, whose task is to involve the listener by using just the right intonation and appropriate pauses. As in every operation of this kind, a number of people have to collaborate to obtain the end result. In this case, the role of the sound technicians and editors is crucial in ensuring that the sound quality is perfect and the dialogue clear and easy to understand.