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Direct Marketing
What is direct marketing? It is certainly the most effective method, and the one used by the majority of companies, because it is based on a simple, direct relationship with the recipient. Direct marketing comes in a variety of forms, for example: the distribution of leaflets or flyers in various retail outlets conforming to the right criteria, or located close to stations, crowded areas or carefully chosen parts of the city.

However, the most direct and effective solution is certainly the method of distributing marketing material directly through the recipient’s letter box. Rigamonti ADV Design is able to design attractive and interesting advertising material for individual companies, such as colourful flyers with just the right presentation to incite the curiosity of the recipient, so that he is unable to resist opening it and studying its contents.

Many companies opt for direct marketing as their primary form of advertising; however the challenge consists in being able to distinguish oneself from the vast number of messages in circulation by the use of original and creative methods.