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In a field in which the message and the ability to communicate it are the essential key to success, Rigamonti Adv Design is a company geared to explore, design and create productive strategies and efficient means of communication.
Every one of our clients can rely on a sound and effective product, designed to fit his particular profile and to transmit a convincing message to his customers. We provide companies with our creativity, expertise, and dedicated professionalism.

Our mission is to respond fully to our clients’ needs, offering both insight and quality solutions, and putting him centre stage in the process of designing and creating his publicity programme. The use of experimentation, and of exploiting to the full the intellectual and business potential of our human resources, constitutes the main and distinctive feature of our creative approach. It enables us to offer our clients a practical publicity solution, based on our experience and expertise and valid far into the future.

The main focus of Rigamonti Adv Design is to study and interpret the evolving nature of the communications market, also enlisting the help of expert Research Institutes. In this way, we can ensure we offer our clients a high quality solution to produce a maximum of satisfaction. The fact that we believe so firmly in the power of ideas helps us to stand out from the rest. “Winning through ideas” is our mission statement, and it is a mission you can rely on.