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Rigamonti Adv Design is a progressive company and forms part of a business Group which has been in operation over many years. The company model is that of an international web agency and multimedia business. It is a high-profile concern, with a large portfolio of important corporate clients.
The professional experience gained over the years, using wide-ranging communication techniques, has lead to the development of a highly creative approach, expressed in the language of graphics, ICT, and advertising.

Rigamonti Adv Design, has based its business logic on the assumption that its clients, even though different from each other, all have the same basic requirements: to grow, to enhance their image, and to win new customers. Rigamonti Adv Design, can answer these needs with its highly professional approach and innovative systems. The commercial and creative departments work in tandem to produce practical solutions for every client: solutions which can make a real difference within his particular marketplace.