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FAQs - Frequent Questions
Achieving a visible presence on the Internet is a task which requires considerable time and dedication. For this reason, it is essential to entrust it to specialist companies. The specific creative and interactive nature of the Internet offers some very original solutions for companies who want either to communicate with their portfolio of clients, to launch a new service or product, to highlight the added value of their offering, or to send a direct message to new or established customers. You can achieve high visibility for your site by a well-judged promotional campaign and by ensuring good positioning on the results pages of search engines. It is certainly more beneficial and convenient to have such a campaign than to waste time and energy trying to achieve similar results yourself. Using this method, the task of achieving visibility requires less effort and results in far better returns when accurately directed at the target customers. There are many ways to make your business known on the web: for example, by use of a banner, or of publicity contained in an emailed newsletter. You can also employ such initiatives as games, competitions, and events to associate with actions relevant to the company: a purchase, the visit or registration of the user, etc
Email is certainly the best-known and most common use of the Internet. For this reason, it is a very efficient means of advertising a company using a personalized message supported by a mailing list or a newsletter. The advantages of this method of communication are obvious: immediacy, speed, and low cost. However, in order to use it in the proper way, without running the risk of infringing Internet regulations (spamming), it is always advisable to consult an expert in the field. In this way, you will get a mailing campaign which is both effective and safe.
Rigamonti Adv Design is involved in a huge variety of activities, but specializes particularly in creating Internet sites and organizing their positioning on search engines. It designs coordinated images for companies, by means of logos, brochures, catalogues, books, CDs, etc., always based on original and practical ideas.
In this day and age, a company which does not invest in communications is like a car without an engine. Rigamonti Adv Design specializes in the design and care of the company image, bringing the very best performance out of your business. This is thanks to the expertise of our team of professionals and their capacity to constantly adapt to suit your requirements. Rigamonti Adv Design provides you with the benefit of their experience and competence in the field, ensuring you receive a top quality service tailor made for your requirements.
The web allows one to use many different technologies, some of which are very complex. For this reason, the time needed to design and set up a site can vary a lot: from a few days for simple html pages to a month or more for sites with dynamic content, databases, animation, management software, e-commerce, etc... The timing can be calculated in advance, depending on the client’s needs and conditions.
Indexing is a mechanical operation, enabling the site to be more easily identified by the search engines. The process is crucial because it increases the visibility and availability of the client’s web pages, and so increases his business. It is important to have a presence on the Internet, but even more important to be readily accessible. Indexing and optimizing your site in accordance with W3C standards ensures that you have a visible, legitimate presence, at the top of the list for possible clients.
Collaboration between companies is an important way to develop the services and expertise they provide. Our company is always willing to consider new proposals, and happy to develop business partnerships with other firms operating in the communications and marketing sector, as well as freelance professionals with a proven track record.
The main aspect of business communications which concerns Rigamonti Adv Design is the development of the company image, or corporate identity. When we talk about image, we are often inclined to think in terms of the typical shop window, where what you see up front is what you get. The company image, on the other hand, is based on facts: everything other than a façade. Our task is to identify and emphasize the unique character and potential of the individual concern.
Hard work and cohesion are fundamental to the success of a company and its image. There are many important elements which contribute towards a proper, coordinated image, but some of the main constituents are:
    • Brand and/or logo;
    • Printed matter: visiting cards, letterheads, brochures, catalogues;
    • Packaging: through every stage of the packaging process including design of the final product;
    • Premises: shop signs, shop windows, furnishings, indoor signs, stands;
    • Means of transport: all company and commercial vehicles (from vans to trucks).
    • Web design: from the creation of a company web-site to the organization of advertising banners, exploiting all the potential of online communications.
It is not possible to estimate in the abstract what individual services will cost. The communication services provided by Rigamonti Adv Design are strictly personalized and vary according to the requirements of the client. All our projects are developed in keeping with the image and character of the client, and in line with his particular needs and the resources he has available, but we always try to keep our design and management costs to the minimum.
The minimum time needed to give the inquiry a considered response.
Amongst the various ways that communications have developed, corporate publicity certainly plays a vital role. It is especially important in the planning field, given the need to advertise medium and long-term commercial strategies within a certain time-frame, in contrast to more traditional methods of promotion. Company publicity takes hold most effectively in the presence of a good business culture: that is to say, where there is a positive relationship between the company and society, viewed as civil society and not just as consumers. Corporate promotion is designed to provoke an idea, or even form an opinion, in the mind of the recipient.

Rigamonti Adv Design lists below the ten most common errors encountered in web-site design and set-up: 

  1. INADEQUATE LINKS Users expect to find links on a site that behave in the correct manner. It is therefore very important to make it absolutely clear which elements you can click on, and to differentiate the visited from the unvisited links. Do not use JavaScript or other complicated linking techniques, which do not match the standard interaction methods.   
  2. FLASH FOR NETSURFING Using Flash for normal netsurfing is not really successful, it should only be used to provide extra capacity not available on the web. The site editor should concentrate on interesting content and not on the design. According to Nielsen, Flash shouldn’t be used for surfing at all: visitors prefer a predictable form of surfing, and the use of a static menu, without complicated graphics.    
  3. POOR LEGIBILITY A basic error is the use of a too small or frozen font. Another aspect which reduces page legibility is lack of contrast between the text and the background.  
  4. CONTENT NOT WRITTEN FOR THE WEB There are some sites whose content was clearly not written for Internet use. Website content should be succinct and easy to explore. It should respond to the needs of users and use simple ordinary language. As Nielson points out, this improves visibility on the various search engines.   
  5. FORMAT DIFFICULT TO USE Set formats are everywhere on the web. Not all of them are useful, and some are very widespread. To make them easier to use, it is best not to include compulsory fields. This allows flexible insertion of telephone numbers, credit card details and so on.      
  6. INCOMPLETE INFORMATION Many sites offer information with inadequate links. The more specific you are, the better the access to your business, and the better the connection between the customer and your product.  
  7. POOR RESEARCH FUNCTION A good research function is essential for all sites, apart from those with just simple home pages. Users are looking out for a field to type in, so the search engine should not be hidden behind a link. The box should be sufficiently large to contain a specific question. 
  8. FIXED PAGE SIZE When the web pages do not change size with the window, they are difficult to read on large monitors. Conversely, if the display screen is small, the user is forced to constantly scroll right and left. 
  9. POP-UPS THAT COVER THE WINDOWS These are a real nuisance as they obscure the contents of the web pages, the main reason for the user visiting the site.  

There is a lot of competition in the browser market. For example Firefox and to some extent Opera and Safari are beginning to take more and more users away from Internet Explorer. As a result, designing a site which can only be used with Internet Explorer is not a good idea.